Classic StoriesTeach your children traditional values whilst they read-along?

  • Was reading one of your great pleasures as a child or was it one of those challenges that you don’t want your children to encounter the same way that you did?
  • Are you concerned that your children, grandchildren, students or those in your care are going to struggle with an interest in reading & therefore find it all the more difficult to learn to read?
  • Do you want to ensure that your children find reading fun so that they find it so much easier to learn but your just not sure how to make that happen?
  • You know that if you get involved they are much more likely to enjoy the learning but it is hard for you to always find the time or even to be interested in some of the stories your children want to hear.

Do you have the time & energy for reading to your kids – EVERY night!

  • Having the time & energy is a big part of being able to make your child’s reading a success.  Let alone having the funds to sign up for all the opportunities that can improve their learning.
  • Technology is leading the way in changing our society & the way in which our children learn.  It may be hard for you to keep up but it is important that your children have the opportunity to be up to date.
  • We know that you only want the best future for your children & that reading is a big part of that future.  We also know that you want your kids to have fun & enjoy the things that you enjoyed, such as a nightly fairytale which they can listen to or read along with as they progress.

Your kid’s education is important but so are the simple pleasures in life.

  • Do your kids constantly hassle you to “read me a story, pleeeeease ….” & when you finish the first, they want a second?  Or are you just trying to get your kids interested in reading themselves?  This is such an important part of our children’s development.

This is where read-along-stories comes to the rescue!

  • I put this site together as I was looking for a way to entertain the children that I babysit & found one of my old story CD’s when I was in the process of coming up with ideas.  It is not that long ago for me, as I am only 16 & I remember when I loved to have a story read to me or listen to my stories over & over again.
  • My hope is that your young loved ones will be able to enjoy the same pleasures that I did, whilst adopting some of the newer technologies of our time to enjoy these age old pastimes.  You will know that they are learning in a fun way & are much more likely to increase their success at reading.

So please introduce yourself by simply entering your details below & we will email you the link to our free story to view, including an overview of the story & a parent’s guide. Just click on the link supplied (If this doesn't work copy & paste the link to your browser).

On the other side of this page is the entrance to your young one’s story pleasure.

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