I have put this site together in an attempt to make story time a highlight of your child’s day & if you choose, a great opportunity for you to bond & get some quality time together.

Growing up, I greatly enjoyed my mother reading to us most evenings, culminating in the first 4 books of the Harry Potter Series – I now love to read!  However, when Mum didn’t have the time to read to me & later when she decided I was too old, I still wanted my story time.  So I got out some of the story CD’s that Dad had bought me & I would listen to them every night – over & over again.  I recently found one of those CD’s when I was cleaning out my room & it occurred to me that we could use technology to help kids get the same pleasures that I had, cheaper & with more variety.

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Just as cultures through the ages have done, we use modern and traditional stories to teach your kids traditional values!

It is late at night and you are hurrying to read a story to your children before they go to the bed. In the back of your mind you cannot help but think of all the work you have to do before tomorrow. As you finish the last page of the book, your children immediately beg for one more! If you are one of the countless parents that find themselves in this situation, then children’s audio stories may be for you.

Reading story tales for kids to your children is a great way to fuel their imagination and make them eager to read.

These same classic stories also help you reconnect to your own childhood and share memories.

Cultures through the centuries have used story time to pass down their history and teach children the values that parents want instilled in their children.  Isn’t it remarkable how the same story tales for kids that you read as children are still popular today? Often, due to heavy work schedules, many parents are no longer able to read to their children. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many children losing interest in learning to read and furthermore has stunted their imagination. But,

Due to the existence of new technology such as the Internet and audio books, parents now have a new alternative!

Many parents have turned to children’s audio stories to help entertain their kids and pass on those traditional values. With the existence of this technology parents are able to finish their work before the next day or finish responsibilities around the house. Children’s audio stories are a recording of a person reading your children’s favorite stories to them, just like an adult's audio book. These pre-recorded stories allow your children to read along with the reader. Because of the success of children’s audio stories, many publishing houses have joined the new wave. In fact, almost any story that you could want to share with your children is available in audio format. All you have to do is get your children in bed and press play!

At Read-Along-Stories.com, we provide stories in a digital format so that you can see & hear the story at the same time whilst the words highlight as they are read to help your children recognize the words they know & add new words to their vocabulary.

Instead of being hassled by having to travel to the store to purchase audiotapes, there are now numerous bedtime story online sites. Our website allows you to purchase your children’s pre-recorded stories through the Internet for instant access.

By providing you with a websites that is membership site you no longer have to work out each week what stories you want to buy for your children and these are supplied at a fraction of the price of those that let you purchase children’s audio stories on an individual basis.

With the existence of bedtime stories online, there has never been an easier time to get your children reading!

If you are tired of trying to find time between balancing work and entertaining your child, children’s audio stories from Read-Along-Stories.com can help! Because of the popularity of audiotapes, and the digitalized weekly delivery system we supply, your children will never have a lack of stories to choose from. And through the emergence of bedtime stories online, you can purchase audio stories from the convenience of your own home.

Not only will digitalized audio stories help save you time but it will also get your children reading!

Here are some tips to make your reading time the highlight of your child’s day & make your evening easier:

  1. Use story time as their evening reward.  We all know how bedtime can drag out.  You can use story time to get them to quickly:

    1. Have a wash/bath
    2. Clean their teeth
    3. Put on their PJ’s
    4. Be ready for bed.

      (If it isn’t done on time – maybe no story).

  2. If you can spare the time, lay down with your child & read the story together, or even better act out the story as it is read.  Especially the first time.  This lets your child know that reading is important to you as well.  They can then replay the story as many times as they want.  With or without reading the words. Not only will this help you build a rewarding relationship with the kids but it will instill a love of reading in your child.  Watch out for our new video to be prepared shortly (14/3/13) , providing some guidance as to how to prepare for these role play stories & make it an exciting time for you & your children.
  3. Our story words highlight when they are read, so your child can easily follow the words to the story.  Even if they don’t know those words yet, they will pick them up sooner if they are seeing them regularly.
  4. Did you know that on average, children who learn to read early are proven to become better readers.
  5. Story time can be used to create routine for your kids in reading.
  6. It can become part of the wind down process for the day.
  7. Doing it together – at least a few nights / week makes it something you can both look forward to.
  8. If you are having difficulty getting your children settled for bed then read-along-stories can help.  It will stop bedtime dragging out & provide a routine that will give the parent relaxing time as well.
  9. Our stories come with a summary, so if you don’t have the time, or need to do something else when your child listens to the story, you can read the brief summary to know what they are hearing.
  10. All the old fairy tales, fables & stories were generally written to pass some sort of moral onto the children.  To teach them something about life, their safety, why it is dangerous to take certain risks.
  11. So, as well as the story summary, there is a parent’s guide, listing possible questions that you may want to ask your child or discuss with them to ensure they get the message behind the story. (see example below).


Parent's Guide

This story is about a poor miller's daughter, a greedy king, and a magical little man named Rumpelstilskin.  In order to please the King, the miller's daughter is forced to strike a terrible bargain with the mysterious Rumpelstiltskin.  She promises him her first born child.  By the end of the story, the miller's daughter outsmarts Rumpelstiltskin, and he forfeits their bargain.  The girl keeps her child, and Rumpelstiltskin destroys himself in anger.

*The ending of the story may be inappropriate for your child to read.  You may choose to omit the final paragraph without affecting the story.  The omitted paragraph could be replaced with, "The little man was so angry he left immediately and the Queen kept her child."

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do you think the miller told the King his daughter could spin straw into gold?

2. Why do you think the miller's daughter promised her first-born child to Rumpelstiltskin?

3. What did you learn from this story?

4. What do you think is the moral of Rumpelstiltskin?

Answers to Discussion Questions:

1. The miller told the King his daughter could spin straw into gold because he wanted to impress the King.  He lied to the King to make himself look important.  He never thought he would have to prove this to the King.

2. The miller's daughter promised her first-born child to Rumpelstiltskin so he would spin the gold for her and she could please her father and the King.  She never imagined that she would actually become Queen and have to give him her child. 

3. Answers may vary, but may include: Don't be greedy.  Do not make promises that you don't want to keep. Do not tell lies.

4. The morals of this story may include: Don't pretend to be something you are not.  Little lies can lead to big consequences.  Think before you speak.


Some of you may remember Brad Izzard from his days with the Penrith Panthers & is instrumental role in their 1991 grand final win – he is listed as one of the “Penrith Legends” Team.  Here is a testimonial from Brad & his wife Vanessa regarding Read-Along-Stories.

"Read-Along-Stories enable children to indulge their imaginations anytime, anywhere. Seldom do we have the opportunity these days to expose our children to traditional fairy tales in their original format. Here you can access these tales without having to first hunt them down. They encourage children to immerse themselves in far off lands, experience wondrous adventures and learn to dream and aspire.

Our daughter enjoyed being able to follow along with the text as it was highlighted whilst being read aloud. Often she will demand a story, at a time when there are just so many additional things to be achieved. Having just completed her first year of school, she is already quite computer literate and is happy to initialize a story and enjoy them without any assistance. This increases her confidence and sense of independence. She has enjoyed books from a very young age and we have always encouraged her to indulge time in reading. She has in six short years already amassed quite a collection. This collection of online stories affords her yet another vehicle through which she can expand, develop and continue the passion she has established for stories and all things creative." Vanessa & Brad Izzard

Brad after scoring the crucial try in the  1991 ARL Grandfinal 

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