1. Why do I have to view the stories online & I can't download the books?

This was a communication error between us & our technical support.  They were protecting us in the setup from members sharing our stories.  We do anticipate down the track setting up as an app which you will be able to download & therefore not have to be online to view the stories.  The audios are now downloadable so that they can be put on CD's.

2. How can I increase the volume?

We have adjusted the volume on all stories so this should not be a problem any more.  You can increase the volume both on your information bar with the story & on your computer.

3. Why are some of the pictures repeated?

In some of the early stories we had difficulty accessing enough pictures & illustrations.  We have now found another source for pictures & will not have to repeat any pictures after around week 3.

4. How long do the books go for?

Most the books run for approximately 3 to 20 minutes.  This is about the attention span of younger children & a comfortable time.

5. Can I view the books on my iPad?

Yes, currently all books come in an Mp4 format that can be viewed on an iPad.  The animated videos are provided in both .mov files & .wmv so that they can be viewed on both microsoft & apple products.

6. Can I view the site on my phone?

This is available, however, we are in the process of making the site more phone friendly.

7. Are the books in English?

At this stage, all the books are only available in English.  We will have alternative language sites later in 2013.

8. Do the readers have accents?

We have sourced readers from different locations from many English speaking countries.  So it depends where you are from if the reader has an accent to you. Our criteria has been that their English is clear & easy to understand and that their voice is pleasant to listen to.  So far we have an American, South African, Australian & British readers.

9. Can I opt out at any time?

Yes.  After your second month, you can simply to choose to opt out if you no longer wish to be a member.  Simply click our contact us email link & write “opt-out” in the subject line.

We will, however, require you to fill in a short survey to be able to do so, as we need to understand how we are not satisfying your needs so that we can improve our service for our remaining & future clients.

10. How do I get my stories each week?

You can log in each Friday & access your new story.

We will also send you an email reminder each week to access your new story.

11. If I choose not to continue my membership for any reason can I transfer it to someone else?

We understand that circumstances change, or children get older, so if you wish to continue paying for the membership but wish for it to go to a new member No. & email address we can do that.  If it is to come from a new bank account we will require you to opt out & let the new person join directly so that they can get all the extras received by new members.

12. What else comes with the books?

Each week when you access your book, you will also be able to access the overview & the Parent’s summary.  We hope to also send this information to your chosen email each week with the download reminder. They will come as a pdf. 

13.  How can I make reading more interesting to my child?

We have some suggestions on the home page regarding this under "tips to make your reading time the highlight of your child’s day & make your evening easier” & as mentioned, we are in the production stage of preparing a video on this to provide ideas to parents as to how to be more engaging in their reading. 


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